How can I protect my commercial roof from hail?

As of 2021, there is an impressive new technology pioneered by GP building products. This new insulation board is super resistant to high wind and hail scenarios. Storm damage in the US alone is a $54 billion dollar a year industry, so this disruptive technology has the protentional to do what UBER did to the taxi service sector - but to the roofing industry.

It is a product which is specifically made for commercial and industrial roofing applications. In additional to hail, the cover boards resists dents, cracking, and compound delamination. Each board has 5% total water resistance by weight and 1 gram of surface water absorption on BOTH sides. When your facility is located in an area prone to harsh weather events, investing in this type of installation will save you exponentially on roof repairs, equipment damage, and costly insurance claims.

- Kevin Daly (CEO)

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