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IntelliGuard Roof Re-ply Saves You 50% or More.

For immediate release;

Dorothy Gale, LLC now offers a patented fluid applied, elastomeric roof re-ply system. It is applied in a 3 step process. First a fluid base layer is applied, immediately followed by a rough-in broomed layer of cored fibersheet. After this cures, the system is closed with a final fluid applied layer which creates a solid, impenetrable, cast-like finish.

They are ISO-9001 certified which means that we are randomly and externally audited for quality craftsmanship at least once per quarter, and they have never failed an audit.

Additionally, they are backed by their parent company, Agile Enterprise Services, which has now allowed them to offer a 15 or 20 year warranty on this system.

This unique fluid applied system has been successfully used since the 1980's and saves their clients 50% of the cost of replacing their TPO, EPDM, Torch Down, or Metal Roof Systems - all while offering a long term RENEWABLE warranty.

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