What is TPO roofing? (Quick Read)

  1. TPO is extremely durable, flexible, and highly resistant to tearing.

  2. It has a service life ranging from 10- 20 years.

  3. TPO is 3-4 times stronger than your typical EPDM adhesive tape systems.

  4. TPO is hot air welded at the seams, making for a stronger watertight bond.

  5. It is made from a naturally fungal resistant material and does not require biocides.

  6. With its white color and UV reflective properties it is one of most energy efficient commercial systems on the market today.

  7. It can help lower cooling costs in the summer months.

  8. TPO is Environmentally friendly. It Contains ZERO chlorine products and is 100% recyclable.

  9. Fire retardant options are available to achieve as great as a Class A Fire rating.

  10. In short, TPO is an excellent, proven technology for all flat roofing applications - commercial and residential.

- Joe Philipps (CMO)

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