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Our Mission

RoofingCIO was founded with a single purpose in mind: to transform industrial membrane creation and viability - universally. Our team combines vast experience in this space with innovative and disruptive approaches. By blending these objectives, RoofingCIO has the connections necessary to navigate industrial bureaucracy, while leveraging futuristic design, development, and technology solutions that can transform how property management firms manage their portfolios. Our unique culture and proven track record of success are essential for our clients to deliver critical services that safeguard their livelihood for decades.


“To all I’ve crossed paths with - past, present, and future. I sit here pondering this letter, looking out at what we have created and will continue to build for the entirety of my life. My life’s work has always been and will continue to be pinpointed directly on delivering honest, unbiased recommendations. It just so happens that we serve clients in the commercial property market, such as yourself. Our proprietary & innovative processes deliver you unmatched peace of mind, in knowing that you are covered through any circumstance.”


- Kevin Daly (VP)



We resolve your commercial roofing challenges economically and without hassle, because we get it right the first time!


Our highly-trained, specialized staff has made it their mission to provide custom solutions to multi-unit building owners, property managers, and commercial realtors who want excellent results. Quality assurance and safety are built directly in to our disruptive approaches. This means immediate response, fast turn around, and unrivaled after-service support.


When you decide partner with us, bank on our team:


  • Showing up when they say they will.

  • Minimizing collateral damage as a top priority.

  • Providing transparent, high-integrity recommendations that save you money.

  • Applying infra-red roof scanning for accurate leak detection.

  • Keeping you informed on project progress through your remote user portal.

  • Being expert roofers and upstanding citizens, who are incentivized to build client loyalty.

  • Knowing how to effectively deliver technology-centric services.

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