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RoofingCIO Media & Research is the online destination for thought leadership and coverage focused on the transformation of commercial, industrial, and government roofing projects; nationwide. Our experienced team collects the best practices and research regarding the advancing technology and management landscape.

The publication is creative, forward thinking and playful, unafraid to tackle unusual stories in unusual ways. While other publications report on the latest contract award or appointment, we cover the impact of that news. Our focus will always be on producing different content delivered differently, whether it's via the written word, video, podcasts or live events.


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Apartment Building

The 7 Complaints of Building Owners...


  1. "Roofers only service big jobs like new roofs or roof replacements." 

  2. "Roofers have no interest in making roofs last longer."

  3. "I can’t get a roofer out to handle emergency roofing issues."

  4. "I haven’t found a roofer I can depend on long-term."

  5. "Roofing quotes are so confusing, I never know if I’m overpaying."

  6. "I can’t get any help when I need to make an insurance claim"

  7. "What happened to the roofers who used to offer full service?"

The 7 Disruptions from RoofingCIO...


  1. We focus on helping you maintain and prolong the life of your roof.

  2. We believe in giving honest advice & creating long term partnerships.

  3. Our emergency support is available 25/7 (this is not a typo).

  4. With 32+ years of accumulated experience, we're here to stay.

  5. Our plans our developed to meet your needs specifically, nothing more.

  6. Maximize your insurance claims with our team in your corner. 

  7. Expect VIP treatment before, during, and after your service.